BStyle Studio behind the Scenes (Thai Boxing shoot)

Over the past month or two I have been helping out at a local photography studio. Assisting the photographer and owner of the studio Bella Vardar Kumar on some studio and location shoots. For example taking behind the scenes photos and footage which Bella can use to show the projects that she is working on. The example below is from Bella’s Instagram page, exhibiting a shoot at a local gym in which the owner  Shaz displayed some of his Thai boxing skills. Showing how Bella goes about achieving her brilliant photographs.



Video edited by Bella Vardar Kumar. Behind the scenes footage and photos taken by Jasmine Elise Baguley and Emma Lawson.

Women’s tour of Britain stage 3 finish in Royal Leamington Spa.

Went to watch the end of the 3rd stage of the Women’s tour of Britain at Leamington. The winer of the stage was Chloe Hosking. And Katarzyna Niewiadoma was able to maintain her overall race lead and held on to the green jersey.


Spot the difference


When I went to the centre there was a note on this exhibit asking if you could pick out the female and male Clownfish. I couldn’t and it puzzled me. And so I looked it up. Turns out in some species of Clownfish its nearly impossible to tell, while in some there is an indication of size and colour, the slightly larger and darker ones are female. However as you might see from the photo, its still pretty hard to tell.

Thats not to mention the ability of the Clownfish to change sex, from immature to male and male to female depending upon its environment. I keep imagining somewhere in the world theres a person who’s been calling their Clownfish Bernard only to find out thats its changed to a Brenda (oh what small things amuse me).